“BNXN Buju Responds After Davido Deletes Tweet About Their Unreleased Song”

“I wrote the entire song myself, and I’m still going to release it. No one can intimidate me,” BNXN Buju exclaimed as he reacted to Davido deleting his tweet about their unreleased track.

The drama unfolded following BNXN’s subtle jab at Davido, which was initially reported by Gistlover.

In a now-deleted tweet, BNXN hinted that Davido’s singing prowess was merely average, sparking a back-and-forth with Davido’s fans.

Apparently stung by BNXN’s comments, Davido decided to delete his earlier tweet from months ago, where he had excitedly announced their collaboration.

Twitter influencer @Mbahdeyforyou expressed sorrow that the song might never see the light of day due to the rift between the two artists.

BNXN swiftly clarified the situation, asserting his authorship of the song and pointing out that fans were blowing things out of proportion.

In his statement, BNXN declared:

“I will release the song. I wrote every single word. Why are people stressing me out? Defending my artist?

They might delete this tweet, but my stance remains.

No one can intimidate me. Fans always make a big deal out of everything.”

Here is the tweet he posted:
[Insert Tweet Image]

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