“Biafra Nationalists Advocate for Fair Ground, Not Neo-Colonialism, for Igbo”

The Igbo-Biafra Nationalists Movements emphasized the urgent need for a fair playing field in Nigeria’s South East region. Mazi Uche Mefor, the group’s convener, highlighted the challenges faced by the Igbo community, attributing them to political and economic manipulations by the Nigerian government.

Mefor pointed out that despite Nigeria’s progress towards democracy, the South East still experiences oppression and marginalization reminiscent of neo-colonialism. He stressed the importance of dismantling oppressive structures and promoting genuine inclusivity to ensure justice and equality for all Nigerians.

Addressing the unequal treatment of the South East, Mefor emphasized the necessity for a level playing ground rather than handouts. He criticized deliberate efforts to stifle Igbo economic interests, noting that the resilience of the Igbo people sustains them despite these challenges.

Mefor called for scrutiny of Nigeria’s decision to limit the South East to only five states, questioning the nation’s commitment to equality and democracy. He urged stakeholders to engage in constructive dialogue and collaborative efforts to remove barriers hindering the region’s political, economic, and social progress.

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