Benin Crown Prince Arrests Cynthia Morgan for Cyberstalking, Messages Leak Online: “She Needs Help”

  • Nigerian singer Cynthia Morgan has reportedly been arrested by the Benin crown prince, Ezelekhae Ewuare
  • According to reports, the music star had been cyberstalking the prince since 2020 and also made claims about him appearing in her dreams on social media
  • Photos of the legal document as well as screenshots of Cynthia Morgan’s messages to the prince made the rounds online

The crown prince of Benin, Ezelekhae Ewuare has reportedly gotten singer Cynthia Morgan arrested by the Nigerian police for cyberstalking and harassment.

According to reports posted on Instagram by @edopride, the music star had been taken in for questioning by the police for making numerous claims about the prince on social media and also sending him text messages and calls since 2020.

Benin crown prince arrests Cynthia Morgan.Fans react as Cynthia Morgan gets arrested by Benin crown prince.
Photos: @royalmadrina, @crownprinceofbeninkingdomSource: Instagram

A petition was filed by Prince Ewuare’s lawyers and in the legal document making the rounds, it was gathered that Cynthia Morgan had been trying to contact him against his wish and she even physically trailed him to his work place but when she wasn’t given attention, she resorted to posting lies about him on social media.

It was also stated that a warning letter was sent to Cynthia Morgan, telling her to desist from her actions but she continued to stalk the Benin crown prince on social media. It was stated in the legal document that the singer appeared to be suffering mental problems leading her to send him love messages with claims that he’s always in her dreams. According to the prince’s legal council, Cynthia Morgan could be dangerous owing to her obsession with their client.

Cynthia Morgan’s text messages to Benin Crown Prince leaks

The social media post also included a series of screenshots of some of the texts Cynthia Morgan had sent to Prince Ewuare from as far back as 2022.

In one message, she talked about how she had always dreamt to marry for love and not for money and how the fairytale she had in mind about the prince all disappeared after their encounter in a garden. Cynthia Morgan also claimed that the prince’s mind was being poisoned against her by other people surrounding him.

See a video of Cynthia Morgan being taken away as well as her leaked messages below:

Netizens react as Benin crown prince arrests Cynthia Morgan

The news of Cynthia Morgan’s arrest over harassment and cyberstalking of the Benin crown prince was met with interesting comments from netizens. Read some of them below:


“Haaaa she talks too much abeg , I feel she needs help really.”


“My Prince, please forgive her, she is going through a lot. She is your sister o!”


“Mental health is a big issue in this country, person no suppose naked before we go know say she dey mad.”


“This one loud, honestly don’t think is police cell she need. She needs rehabilitation.”


“WhatsApp messages goes both ways. Where are his responses?”


“Depression is real .”


“The crown prince should forgive her. She likes him and also she needs help not locking her up. It will worsen her situation.”


“Is this a love letter?am not understanding.”


“But those messages are from 2022 from what I can see, I hope they’re not trying to oppress her because of what she said .”

Cynthia Morgan calls out Rudeboy and sidechick

The Nigerian singer continued to call out her senior colleague Paul Okoye over their unsettled dispute.

Paul Okoye, aka Rudeboy made a comment about the German Juice crooner after an inquisitive fan asked him about her during an Instagram live session.

Coming across the clip, Cynthia Morgan blasted Rudeboy for separating himself from the situation and accused him of insinuating that she was sick because he said: “Get well soon”. The rapper went on to ask who looked sick between both of them.

Source: TheTalk.NG

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