Baby girl gets ’roundcut’ hairstyle after staying with her grandma, mum reacts

  • A Nigerian woman has shared a video showing the funny haircut her mother-in-law did on her baby’s head
  • The woman gave the baby a round cut, believing that it would make her hair grow faster than normal
  • Social media users stormed the comments section to share their diverse thoughts about the trending video

A Nigerian woman has lamented online after her mother-in-law gave her baby a funny haircut at home.

A video shared on TikTok showed the little girl lying on the bed as her heartbroken mother filmed her head.

Mum discovers mother-in-law shaved daughter's hairMum shares video of her daughter’s new look
Photo credit: @uniquebae/TikTok.Source: TikTok

Woman gives granddaughter a funny haircut

According to the baby’s mother with the handle @uniquebae, the incident happened after she took her little daughter to see her mother-in-law.

However, in just few hours that she stayed with her, the woman made sure to change the girl’s looks without the consent of her mother.

She shaved the back of her head and gave her a round cut with the explanation that it would make her hair grow faster.

Sharing the video via her official account, the baby’s mother broke down in tears and revealed how speechless she was over the incident.

“I took my baby to my mom in law for a few hours and she did this. I’m speechless,” she said.

Reactions as woman transforms daughter-in-law

Social media users stormed the comments section on TikTok to share their thoughts about the video.

@IWA wrote:

“My mum came to my shop and saw my son’s hair full and I was like he wan barb am for his birthday na xo mama talk say make he dae carry am go me weh kwn say na blade my mama go use I jejely tell her.”

@nikiashowers asked:

“I’m assuming she believes it will make her hair grow faster. what did she say?”

@Crystal said:

“I see y’all saying thank God it’s not tribal mark. Mother inlaw o my mama o anyone wen put tribal mark for my pikin body go meet me for court walai.”

@Rhonda Wade reacted:

“And I would be fighting everyone in that house and my child won’t be back.”

@wateeeer commented:

“Is it only me if my baby dey my mother Inlaw side I swear she no dey do anything to her.”

@jannejunor added:

“I would of even my mother in law back that same hairstyle, what was she thinking.”

Watch the video below:

Grandma barbs baby gorimapa

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a mum posted a TikTok video of her little daughter who got a clean haircut from her grandma.

Jessie said in the video that her daughter was born with rich, dark and curly hair but apparently, the granny was not satisfied.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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