Anyim Veronica Nnenna: The landowner now desperately in need of accommodation

In the space of seven days, Anyim Veronica Nnenna went from a disgraced Dunamis testifier to a landowner, but now seems to have lost the backing and love she once enjoyed from netizens.

On Sunday, April 14, a female worshipper, Veronica Nnenna Anyim, at the Glory Dome, the Global Headquarters of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, stepped out to testify about how God helped her graduate from university, making her the first to do so in her family.

How Anyim Veronica Nnenna went from being a landowner to now begging for accommodationAnyim Veronica Nnenna became a viral sensation after she was embarrassed during her testimony in Dunamis church.
Photo Credit: Anyim VeraSource: Facebook

During her testimony, Veronica claimed she graduated from the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) with a “BSc in Law” and was interrupted by Pastor Paul Enenche, the church’s founder, who accused her of giving false testimony.

Pastor Enenche told Veronica she did not sound like a law graduate, judging by how she spoke. He added that there was nothing like “BSc in Law” and ordered Veronica to leave the pulpit.

The embarrassing incident found its way to social media, as it was caught on camera and drew the ire of netizens from all walks of life.

People demanded Pastor Enenche apologised to the embarrassed lady as checks showed her testimony was genuine.

Matter-of-factly, “BSc in Law” was how NOUN had it on its official website before it was quickly changed when the church incident started hitting up on social media.

From a disgrace to an internet sensation

Like wildfire, Sunday’s incident at Dunamis church became a hot topic across social media platforms as pressure mounted on Pastor Enenche to remedy the situation by apologising to Veronica.

Even Veronica’s sister slammed Pastor Enenche for embarrassing Veronica.

Pastor Enenche accuses Anyim Veronica of giving false testimonyAnyim Veronica was accused of giving fake testimony by Pastor Paul Enenche.
Photo Credit: Anyim Vera, Instagram/@drpastorpaulenecheSource: Instagram

Many Dunamites – what worshippers at Dunamis church are called – saw no wrong in the action of Pastor Enenche and defended him across social media platforms.

They joined a section of netizens who were not worshippers at Dunamis but held briefs for Pastor Enenche. They also felt Veronica’s grammar was not befitting of a law graduate.

Anyim Vera’s Facebook profile became the most searched profile as she became a viral sensation. She also trended on X (formerly Twitter).

Pastor Enenche bowed to pressure

In a statement on Monday, April 15, signed by the personal assistant to the senior pastor, Sylvester Edoh, the church said it never set out to embarrass Veronica.

The church’s statement defended Pastor Enenche’s action while also stating that the cleric had already reached out to Veronica following the incident. A part of the church’s statement read,

“While we remain resolute in our passion for excellence, intolerance of mediocrity and falsehood, we wish to reiterate the fact that no harm or hurt was ever intended by the Senior Pastor against Ms. Anyim Veronica. The Senior Pastor feels deeply concerned and had already reached out to her.

“As a commission, we regret every inconvenience, hurt, and embarrassment this unfortunate scenario has caused to Ms Anyim Veronica Nnenna. We remain committed to her physical welfare as well as her spiritual growth. God bless us all.”

A smiling Veronica was also seen in a video with Pastor Enenche and his wife as she informed netizens the matter had been resolved.

Nigerians spoil Veronica with offers and gifts

It was hotelier Azubuike Ihemeje who kick-started the numerous giftings that would eventually come Veronica’s way.

In a Facebook post on Monday, April 15, the barrister announced an offer of an all-expenses-paid vacation for Veronica at his Portland Resorts Hotel located in Port Harcourt city.

Azubuike Ihemeje offered Veronica an all-expenses-paid vacation to Portland Resorts HotelAzubuike Ihemeje treated Anyim Veronica to an all-expenses-paid vacation in his Port Harcourt hotel.
Photo Credit: Azubuike Ihemeje, Anyim VeronicaSource: Facebook

In an exclusive chat with Fox Nigeria, the lawyer said he felt sympathetic to Veronica’s situation and this informed his kind gesture to her.

“I stumbled across her story online and felt deeply sympathetic about what she’s been through in life and decided to make that offer.”

After the hotelier, a US-based Nigerian Caleb Nsikan Essien pledged N200k to Veronica to show his support for her.

Other gifts include a plot of land offer, a premium satellite phone worth N1.8 million, an ambassadorial deal, a year health insurance coverage by a doctor overseas, an undisclosed cash gifting from a cybersecurity expert based in South Africa.

These were not all.

Veronica returned to Dunamis for another testimony

Veronica got so popular over the past few days that numerous accounts were created in her name, she was featured in a university examination and her social media posts received massive engagements.

While enjoying her vacation at Portland Resorts Hotel, Veronica attended Sunday service at Dunamis church’s branch, where she again testified, this time better composed.

Anyim Veronica storms Dunamis church againAnyim Veronica giving testimony at Dunamis church, Port Harcourt.
Photo Credit: Azubuike Ihemeje, Instagram/@drpastorpaulenencheSource: Facebook

With the aid of a paper, she name-called the individuals who gave gifts and made offers to her.

All looked perfect for the internet sensation. Never in the policewoman’s wildest imagination had she expected to become a landowner in over seven days without putting a penny, or own a costly phone.

It all happened so fast.

Veronica seeks new accommodation

On Wednesday, April 24, hotelier Azubuike Ihemeje appealed to netizens to assist Veronica in getting a new place to stay.

To reinforce Azubuike’s outcry, Veronica would do a video hours later where she begged to be relocated on grounds of her new-found ‘celebrity’ status which has made her current abode in Abuja unsafe.

“…I want to use this medium to urge us to assist me in accommodation. I am not buoyant now to rent a house because where I am staying now is as risky no, insecurity and is a very open place.

“And due to everybody has already known that I am a celebrity,” Veronica said.

Once-loved Veronica under fire

Just like she quickly rose to internet fame, Veronica immediately came under fire over her appeal for a new accommodation from netizens who dubbed her an Oliver Twist who was asking for too much.

Some who criticised Pastor Enenche over the controversial testimony incident switched sides as a result of Veronica’s new demand.

Whether she genuinely needed help with her accommodation was immediately relegated as people could not fathom how someone now using a N1.8 million phone and owns a plot of land, now suddenly needs a new place to live in.

Veronica Anyim, a present day Oliver Twist?

The phrase “Oliver Twist” is often used as a metaphor to describe someone who asks for too much. The origin of this phrase comes from Charles Dickens’ novel, “Oliver Twist,” which was published serially under the pseudonym “Boz” from 1837 to 1839 in Bentley’s Miscellany and in a three-volume book in 1838.

In the popular book, Oliver Twist is an orphan boy who, despite being mistreated and hungry, asked for more food in a famous scene at the orphanage.

He famously said, “Please, sir, I want some more.” His request for more food was considered audacious and rude, and thus, the phrase “Oliver Twist” came to be used to describe someone who asks for more than what is considered reasonable or appropriate.

Veronica, like a student unprepared for a surprise test, was not ready for the fame and all that came with it and I reckon she should be cut some slack.

It may be far-fetched to say that Veronica is an Oliver Twist. She is just a Nigerian who saw an opportunity and sought to maximise it fully to meet her needs, because such fame rarely lasts beyond a few days.

Many criticising Veronica for seeking a new abode may do worse if they find themselves in her shoes.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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