Ahead of May 30, Tapswap announces major change, puts Nigerians in panic mode

  • Nigerians and other crypto enthusiasts mining Tap ‘shares’ on Telegram panicked as Tapswap announced it will no longer launch on Solana
  • Since its unprecedented popularity, Tapswap has seen its community grow to 28 million ‘Tapswappers’
  • A crypto expert, Obani Ebenezer Nwokoma, shared his thoughts with Fox Nigeria on Tapswap’s latest update

Fox Nigeria has learnt that Tapswap will not launch on the Solana blockchain as initially intended.

This was confirmed in a fresh release by Tapswap on Monday, May 27, via its verified X handle.

Taspwap makes fresh announcement, changes its launch pool blockchainTaspwap announced it will no longer launch on Solana.
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Tapswap to be launched on different blockchain

Tapswap revealed its community has grown to 28 million members, a towering figure that beat their expectations and forced them to make significant changes ahead of the launch date.

While noting that the changes are all positive to accommodate the large Tapswap community, Tapswap maintained that it was necessary.

However, Tapswap has yet to announce the new blockchain it will be launching.

“…Dear TapSwappers,

“We are thrilled to announce that our community has grown to an incredible 28 million members! Your support and enthusiasm have exceeded even our highest expectations, prompting us to make significant changes to our project.

“These changes are all positive and necessary to accommodate our massive community. One of the major updates is that we will launch our token on a different blockchain instead of Solana.

“We will announce the name of the new blockchain shortly, and we promise it will be huge! Stay tuned for more exciting updates!” Tapswap wrote on X.

Crypto experts react to Tapswap update

Reacting to the development on X, Tola Joseph Fadugbagbe, a crypto expert, expressed concern that the high gas fee would discourage people from claiming their airdrops if Tapswap decides to launch on Ethereum. He wrote:

“Breaking News!

“#TapSwap will launch on a different #Blockchain instead of #Solana.

“Imagine they decide to launch on #Ethereum? #Eth gas ⛽️ fee will discourage many from claiming their airdrop allocations .”

Speaking with Fox Nigeria, Obani Ebenezer Nwokoma, a crypto expert, described Tapswap’s update as a good development for most people and explained why. In his words:

“It should be good news to most people because many are still finding it difficult to link the recommended wallet to Tapswap. Some may consider it unnecessary, and to some, a “burden has been lifted”, but until we know the platform they’re in talks with, we keep hoping for the best, and Tapswap is still promising.”

Nigerians react to Tapswap’s update

@meet_tycoon said:

“You better be launching it on Ton if you ain’t gonna be using Solana or else you would loose all the hype this project have got. The hype is your favour don’t mess it up.”

@Tarzan_CFC said:

“I keep saying low your expectations on Tapswap it’s Gba project.”

@D_ecoh said:

“When are you guys launching please.

“I’m gradually loosing interest in the Bombardier I wanted to buy.”

@spoiltkid said:

“You guys should not take Nigerians on a ride.

“I just want to let you know that they have converted what they are expecting to Naira and already made list on how it would be spent. Don’t disappoint them.

“As for me I’m waiting for tears.”

@Maliqifeoluwa said:

“You guys should not scam Nigerians.

“People have been tapping since o.

“Even collect goods and expecting your money to come.

“Hand don bend.

“Eyes sight don dim.

“Do fast abs launch.”

Nigerians likely to be punished by Tapswap

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a crypto expert had named Nigerians likely to be penalised by Tapswap.

Joseph, who won N9 million from Notcoin, stated this while giving his price forecast and assessment of Tapswap on X.

Joseph noted that the law of demand and supply would apply to Tapswap, saying the Tapswap tokens allocation per capita will get fewer by the volume of participants. Speaking with Fox Nigeria, a crypto expert, Obani Ebenezer Nwokoma, corroborated Joseph’s warning.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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