“Accept God’s Call”: Reverend Sister Tells Young Ladies to Serve God and Shun ‘Shakara’

  • A beautiful reverend sister on TikTok has admonished young ladies not to reject the call of God in their lives
  • The reverend sister said even if the ladies are beautiful, they should accept God’s call since there are many beautiful sisters
  • She advised ladies who believe they are called by God to answer the call and join the sisterhood without delay

A Nigerian reverend sister advised ladies to join the sisterhood if they are hearing the call of God.

She noted in a trending video that ladies should shun ‘shakara’ but that they should answer the call of God if they have heard it.

Reverend sister invites ladies to join the sisterhood.The reverend sister said ladies should join the sisterhood. Photo credit: TikTok/@srchizzyk80.Source: TikTok

In the short clip, @srchizzyk80, the reverend sister said there are many beautiful fine sisters serving the lord.

She therefore said beautiful ladies should not shy away from serving the lord because of their beauty.

She wrote:

“Answer God’s call with joy. You be young lady, God dey call you to be reverend sister, and you dey want to do ‘shakara’ abi? You fine pass us? Just waka dey come joor.”

Watch the video below:

Reactions as reverend sisters advise young ladies

@ifeyinwarichard said:

“How can someone join after four children? Because I am very interested.”

@joyful heart said:

“If I no marry this year, I go join, but I have one son.”

@Tiktok Ambassador said:

“God selected the good girls and left us with tax collectors.”

@Spencer said:

“If I remain single next year, I’ll join.”

@joy said:

“The thing wen dey vex me for inside be say una go still wear a wedding ring.”

@Mimi said:

“No be when a person no see husband e go d reason that one?.”

@Queen_Kay_Ij said:

“If I had known on time, I would have joined you guys, man don mess up my life. Be happy, you made the right choice.”

Lady shows her twin sister who is a reverend

Meanwhile, twin sisters who have different personalities and lifestyles have become very popular on TikTok.

In several videos which have received millions of views, it was revealed that one of them is a reverend sister.

In one of the videos, the reverend sister wore a flowing, customized num dress while her sister was putting on a hot gown.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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