Abroad-Based Man Who Married Nigerian Girl Just to ‘Chop Her Work’ Demands Refund of Bride Price

  • A Nigerian man has shared how an abroad-based man got married traditionally to his cousin just to sleep with her
  • The man held a loud introduction and traditional marriage only to beat up the lady and request for a refund of the bride price
  • According to the abroad-based man, he married the lady because she was playing hard to get and he was determined to have her

An abroad-returnee has been dragged on social media for dumping his newlywed wife shortly after their traditional wedding.

Despite having an ulterior motive, the man paid her bride price in full and even celebrated the traditional wedding in a loud way.

Man abandons wife, demands bride price refund after marrying herMan deals with lady who played hard to get
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Man dumps newlywed wife after traditional wedding

A cousin to the heartbroken bride identified on X as @DrChiemeziem disclosed that the man beat up his cousin before breaking up with her.

He narrated how the man did everything that was required for the lady to be traditionally married and also had a loud ceremony.

However, it was later revealed that he only married her to get her in bed with him because she was forming hard to get.

Furthermore, he requested for a refund of the bride price he paid to be returned and has also returned to his base.

DrChiemeziem wrote:

“There was this abroad guy that came back, did introduction and traditional marriage (with live band, buffet kitchen, canopy and all that) just to chop my hard-to-get cousin. My cousin nearly ran mad that year. Very beautiful girl wey no get wahala o.

“After two weeks, he beat her up over a disagreement, told her he only did trad just to fucck her since she was forming hard to get when he was asking her out. Told her people he wasn’t interested in the marriage anymore, that he wanted the bride price back. Left her and traveled.”

Reactions as abroad-based man dumps newlywed wife

Nigerians have taken to the comments section to share their thoughts about the sad story.

@Obianujunwa25 reacted:

“Omo! Why would anyone even do that to someone else?”

_weyimi reacted:

“This thing can break a woman and bring out the very worse in her. I’m just angry thinking about it.”

@HWYisKING said:

“Your fellow man do your cousin dis kind trash and you still get mind dey narrate…you and the men in your umunna should throw yourselves away into the gutter. Una dey useless to una women.”

@phychem11 said:

“Na why dem dey put some people for inside bottle be this o. What kind of evil is this nah?”

@maureenndik said:

“Yeah. Men do this. I would often post on my Facebook that all I’m saying is No, it’s not a competition. I’m not playing hard to get. I just don’t find you attractive. Please and sorry. I hate being used or using anyone, I just want an intense attraction and peaceful love.”

@NwodomChidi reacted:

“It’s truly a bliss to be a man because I just checked through the comments and I didn’t see “today episode of things that never happened” Absolutely no one doubted this story because it was a man that shared it. Wow! Just an observation shaa.”

See the post below:

Lady in tears as relationship crashes

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a Nigerian lady could not hold back tears after ending things with the love of her life.

In a video, she revealed that they had dated for about eight years, but she didn’t feel happy in the relationship.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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