5 LASU Friends Celebrate Joint Graduation After Years of Friendship and Hard Work

  • Five female friends from Lagos State University (LASU) celebrated a remarkable achievement by graduating together, years after being admitted
  • Photos captured them with their university identity cards, indicating their fresh admission to LASU
  • In a heartwarming follow-up, another photo depicted the joyous moment of their graduation, where the friends posed together in photo studio, commemorating their success

Five female friends from Lagos State University (LASU) have joyfully celebrated graduating together after years of hard work.

Their inspiring story was shared in a recent social media post, which featured their journey from the beginning.

Friends graduate together5 LASU friends graduate. Photo credit: @symplyshekinahSource: TikTok

The first set of photos showed them with their university identity cards, taken when they were newly admitted to LASU.

A second set of photos captured the heartwarming moment of their graduation.

In these pictures, the friends are seen smiling and posing together in a photo studio, proudly displaying their graduation gowns.


Lagos State University (LASU) is a prominent public university located in Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria. Established in 1983, LASU offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various fields.

Known for its diverse academic community and commitment to excellence, LASU has become a leading institution in Nigeria, fostering innovation, research, and development, as shown by @symplyshekinah.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Adegbite Omotolani said:

“Congratulations dear.”

Kay Dave wrote:

“Congrat. E still plenty wey dey come.”

Abeke commented:

“Congratulations, I’m deeply sorry for not showing up today.”

User6474y63883y6 also wrote:

“5 years don waka we still dey carry go.”

Male and female friends of 7 years graduate together

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a captivating TikTok video of two mates who achieved their dream of becoming doctors has warmed hearts.

The duo have been inseparable friends for over seven years and shared their journey of studying medicine.

They celebrated their graduation with a heartwarming clip that showed their bond and joy. Many viewers were intrigued by their story and wondered if they were just pals or if they had a hidden romance for all those years.

In a recent development, Fox Nigeria also reported that a Nigerian man has graduated from university and his joy knows no bounds after he wrote his final paper.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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