Nigerian Man in Tears as He Renews Passport 5 Times Without Traveling: ‘God, Let Me Go, Even to Ghana’

Nigerian Man’s Heartfelt Plea After Renewing Passport Five Times Without TravelingA Nigerian man recently shared a heartfelt plea as he showcased his five renewed passports, each time hoping for a chance to travel abroad. Despite his efforts, he has yet to leave Nigeria, and his emotions poured out as he displayed the stack of passports.In a video titled “I’m tired; I renewed my international passport for the fifth time and still haven’t left Nigeria,” the man’s voice trembled with frustration and longing. “God please, even if it’s Ghana 🇬🇭, let me go at least,” he pleaded, tears welling up in his eyes. He expressed that this fifth renewal might be his last attempt.This poignant message resonated with many on social media, who flooded the comment section with words of encouragement and advice. One user, @tizzyi3, offered a prayer: “God will do it in Jesus’ name, He will grant you your heart desires.” Another, @Nolan, shared a hopeful perspective: “The moment you give up on renewing, that’s when the chance to travel comes.”Some users suggested practical solutions, like @Bmt lord, who recommended applying for visas to countries hosting major events, such as the World Cup in 2026. Others, like @Ekeh hope, reassured the man: “God will do it this time…get ready pack your bags …for your troubles he has given you double blessings.”However, not all responses were serious, with @Soniapelumi jokingly suggesting the extra passports could be for the man’s siblings: “but you know ya lying ba??? One’s for you and the rest should be for your siblings.” And @Ace playfully remarked, “lol renewed how many times and have the same passport type uncle stop doing like that.”The video, shared on platforms like TikTok, captured a raw moment of longing and hope, drawing empathy from viewers who could relate to the desire for new experiences and opportunities beyond borders.

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