24/7 Solar Electricity: Man Uses Solar System that Carries His Chest Freezer and 2 Air Conditioners

  • A man who uses a solar system at home has shown how he manages the power supply efficiently for maximum value
  • The man said on a particular day when there was a burst of very good sunshine, the solar electricity system powered his chest freezer
  • Apart from the chest freezer, the man said the solar system also carried his two air conditioners and his home office

A man is enjoying 24/7 electricity with the solar electricity system he installed at home.

The man took to X to share how the solar electricity system is serving him well in the house.

Man installs solar system at home.The man said the solar carries his AC and chest freezer. Photo credit: Getty Images/Westend61, Kypros and TiSanti. Man’s photo used for illustration only.Source: Getty Images

Apart from powering important home appliances, the solar electricity system also powers his home office.

The man, Othell Yarwyck, said the solar system is able to power his chest freezer and two air conditioners.

He used an app to check the amount of power the solar system provided based on the available sunshine on a particular day.

He said:

“It has been a good solar day so I turned on the 2 AC to use the excess solar electricity to pre cool the house.”

Some Nigerians have turned to solar power as a source of power, especially since the National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) approved an increase in the electricity tariff.

See his post below:

Reactions as man shares how he uses his solar system

@dnaijatechguy said:

“Nice. What app do you use to track the energy from the panels?”

@ugoosings asked:

“Excuse, which app you are using to turn on your appliances remotely.”

@malosn asked:

“Which sonoff product are you using to be able to display the monthly and actual consumption on the dashboard?”

@AmaobiVictor asked:

“Which inverter make is this boss?”

Lady spends millions to install solar

Meanwhile, a Nigerian lady said she and her family got tired of spending money on fuel for their generator, so they sought an alternative.

The lady said they installed a solar electricity system in their house, and then it cost millions to buy inverters and solar panels.

However, they are now reaping the benefits because she noted that they no longer depend on the grid electricity supply.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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