22-Year-Old Lady who Works as Policy Advisor at the UN Shares Bits of Her Work Life

  • A young lady Samia Shell, who started working for the United Nations at the age of 22, shared a snapshot of her engagement at the world institution
  • In the video, the excited young lady revealed that she was a Policy and Media Advisor for a country at the UN
  • The video showed her at her workplace; it also featured some important places at her workplace, leaving no doubt that she was having a good time and doing what she loved

A young lady named Samia Shell, who began her tenure with the United Nations at 22, captured and shared a momentous snapshot of her engagement within the global organisation.

The video, which she excitedly disclosed, was captioned with a disclosure about her role as a Policy and Media Advisor for a nation at the UN.

22-year-old lady captures bits of her life at UNA young lady celebrates as she begins work at the UN. Photo credit: @samiashell/TikTokSource: TikTok

The video provided a glimpse into her professional environment, highlighting significant locations within her workplace and unmistakably conveying her enjoyment and passion for her vocation, as shown by @samiashell.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Bhavini said:

“What does this career consist of? do you enjoy it? How did you get into it? is this worth it? sorry loads of questions lol.”

Vee.VaH wrote:

“Me studying international relations having a dream like this just for it to be cut short and now. I’m in the streets anyways SO HAPPY FOR YOU.”

Ms. Sakase commented:

“Pleeease! Let me stay on international relations TikTok!!!”

INeetaht also commented:

“I want to work at the UN so bad.”


“I am International Relations and Diplomacy graduate. I have not seen a job at the UN since 2020”

Samia Shell responded:

“This can be a hard field I get it! We just need to be creative about our approach. I’Il be making a video soon with some tips.”


“Wow congrats!!”

Lydia Moraa:

“What did you study before I made a career decision?”

A Samia Shell responded:

“I studied Environmental Science and French in college. Now I am finishing law school and studying international law and human rights! Hope this helps.”


“Omggg how? Do u know any ways health can be incorporated into this field/career?”

S Samia Shell:

“Certainly! I’m happy to chat about international careers and health as well as my own start. Stay tuned!”


“This is my dream. How do it.”

Samia Shell:

“I’m so happy to hear that I love finding people who are interested in this work!! Will make a vid responding.”

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After spending one year and two months abroad, she sent money home. The money was used to build a beautiful house for the mother.

The 25-year-old teacher (@lusanda_jiba) was proud of what she could do for the woman at a young age.

In a recent development, Fox Nigeria also reported that a Nigerian lady who hoped to become rich if she relocated to the UK has narrated her reality.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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