“Why are you doing this? Please lower the volume”: Lady wakes up mum with music

  • A young lady, who goes by the TikTok username Vinnar, woke her mum by blasting loud gospel music at 3am and dancing energetically
  • Her startled mother, woken from sleep, demanded she turn off the music and go back to bed
  • The mother questioned her daughter’s sanity and concern for neighbours because of the loud music

In the wee hours of the morning, a young woman turned up the volume on her music, rousing her mother from sleep.

Mum interrupts daughter's 3am dance to loud gospel music.Mum hilariously react to daughter’s 3am gospel dance party. Photo: Vinnar.Source: UGC

Upon awakening, she illuminated the room, initiated the playback of Solomon Mkubwa’s gospel track Mfalme wa Amani, and energetically danced to the tune.

Mother interrupts daughter’s 3am dance party

Her mother, jolted awake by the disturbance, went to the living room to find her daughter immersed in dance amidst the blaring music.

Perplexed by her daughter’s behaviour, the mother directed her to cease the music and dancing and return to bed, questioning her daughter’s sanity.

“Why are you doing this? Please lower the volume,” implored the mother while the daughter defended her actions, explaining that it was a gospel song.

“Ghai! Are you aware of the time? It’s 3am, and you’ve chosen to play music at such a high volume. You’ve disturbed my sleep and likely that of our neighbours. What could be the matter with you? Have you lost your senses? Why would you play music so loudly at this hour? Please turn off this racket and go back to bed,” the mother exclaimed.

“I’m fine. I just felt like dancing,” the daughter responded.

The lady shared the video on TikTok:

“Leo mum haniongeleshi ata alibeba makasiriko,” she wrote.

Mum surprised after finding daughter dancing on TikTok

Elsewhere, a mum wowed netizens after duetting her daughter’s TikTok clips.

The surprised mum watched her daughter’s video in awe.

As a young TikToker creating content on the app, one wouldn’t think your parent would find the videos one makes.

TikTok’s algorithm, however, tries to connect the user to people they know.

@flookaranja was stunned to find her daughter dancing on the app.

Source: TUKO.co.ke

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