Strict dad adds 3 metal protectors to door to prevent daughter from sneaking out

  • A man pulled a fast one on his grown daughter, who wanted to sneak out of the house for Easter weekend
  • Quite to the shock of many people, he installed three metal doors in addition to the main door leading in and out of the house
  • A video showing the four-door security of the house has sent social media users into a frenzy as people likened it to a prison

A young lady has shared what her strict father did to prevent her from sneaking out of the house.

According to a surprised @kristenicey, she wanted to leave the house stealthily for the Easter weekend but her dad was ahead of her.

Man adds 3 metal protectors to main door to stop daughter from sneaking out of the houseThe lady said she wanted to sneak out for the Easter weekend.
Photo Credit: @kristeniceySource: TikTok

@kristenicey shared a video on TikTok showing a man working on the last metal protector recently added to their main door.

@kristenicey went closer to show that aside from the inner protector, there were two other metal protectors on the outside.

“Not to mention the dogs outside,” she added.

Watch the video below:

@kristenicey’s video stunned people

Ukhonaye said:

“Imagine you are being chased and you have to open all of them , ahh Moses you are finished.”

_kabi said:

”Knowing myself I’ll go out and come back without getting caught.”

Saint Iyaxi said:

“This is a prison mos.”

Jay-Junior Mkhathini said:

“How much crime happens in that area for him to put 3 buttler guards??…I’d be lazy to go out with all that opening I have to do.”

Celeb importer in Ilorin said:

“I think these locks are to keep Someone from coming in not going out.”

Agent Motjabai said:

“Even as a thug, I’d just give up and go have a drink.”

ayeaku__ said:

“What happens when there’s a fire and its all locked?”

CJ said:

“Imagine having a bad day at work and then having to open all those gates just to enter I’d move out.”

Strict dad signs contract with daughter

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a strict dad had signed a contract with his little daughter over a new torchlight.

The contract stipulated that the daughter, Nana, must maintain the torchlight for more than a year, or he will not buy another one for her.

The father said he used to buy a new torchlight almost every two weeks, but Nana mishandled and spoiled them. He said she needed the torchlight at night when the electricity was off and she wanted to go to the toilet.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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