Nigerian man’s oyinbo wife experiences Lagos for the first time

  • A Nigerian man who had brought his wife to Nigeria for the first time shared a video capturing her initial reaction upon arriving in Lagos
  • The video, taken from within a moving vehicle, showcased the city’s impressive and majestic buildings
  • However, as the camera turned to his wife, she expressed her fear; comforting her, the husband assured her that everything was fine

A Nigerian man captured his wife’s first impressions of Lagos in a heartfelt video as they drove through the city’s bustling streets.

The video showcased the towering and resplendent architecture that defines the city’s skyline.

Nigerian man brings his Oyinbo wife to LagosOyinbo wife admits to her husband she is afraid in Lagos. Photo credit: @alexis.b.22Source: TikTok

His wife experienced a moment of apprehension, which was tenderly alleviated by her husband’s comforting reassurances, emphasising the safety and familiarity amidst the city’s grandeur, @alexis.b.22.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Pj2020 said:

“I been there so many times it is nice people are friendly.”

Irene Kc813 wrote:

“Nervous but very beautiful.”

Israel Monday commented:

“It’s normal thing to be but in Nigeria it’s home for everybody we are the real Africa okay.”

Jessie also commented:

“She’s not afraid but novice and she’s beautiful.”


“Afraid for what. You don’t have problem Our wife. even if you are walking alone on the street, yoU with be safe. Just keep ur phone well.”

Adewale 2123:

“After that don’t be afraid 9, Una kiss Abi una no kiss?”


“Truely Nigeria have bad image outside the country, even Neighbor country think bad of Nigeria… God help us.”

Mr8&Mrs B:

“Yes oh may God help away country Nigeria.”


“Afraid of what love you guys.”

Mr&Mrs B:

“You know she hear many people say bad about Nigeria and this was her first time in Nigeria.”


“AwwwW… she is soo cute.. welcome to our beautiful country.”

Man brings old Oyinbo wife home

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a man who fell in love with a white American woman had brought her to Nigeria to show his family.

In a video he shared on his page, he captured when his mother and father welcomed the woman into their family.

The man’s mother was amazed by the oyinbo’s looks as she rubbed her hair. The parents loved his woman.

In a recent development, Fox Nigeria reported on a video showing the tender moment between a Nigerian man and his oyinbo woman.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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