May 30: Crypto expert names Nigerians Tapswap will likely punish, gives reason

  • A crypto expert, Tola Joseph Fadugbagbe, has said that the per capita allocation of Tapswap tokens would be fewer due to the volume of participation
  • While looking forward to the public listing of Tapswap, Joseph noted that many Nigerians have a wrong understanding of how airdrops work
  • Joseph said Tapswap will likely penalise some participants for cutting corners to earn more coins

Tola Joseph Fadugbagbe, a crypto expert, has said that some Tapswap participants will likely be penalised for cheating.

Joseph, who won N9 million from Notcoin, stated this while giving his price forecast and assessment of Tapswap on X.

Crypto expert says some Nigerians will be penalised by TapswapTola Joseph Fadugbagbe said the law of demand and supply will apply to Tapswap.
Photo Credit: @connectwithtola, Facebook/Giants World MinistriesSource: Twitter

Joseph noted that the law of demand and supply would apply to Tapswap, saying the Tapswap tokens allocation per capita will get fewer by the volume of participants.

He advised against using an auto clicker. Joseph’s tweet in part read:

“…May I also remind you that those who cheat (by using auto clicker) may be penalised for it. Scripted simulated mining isn’t proof of work.”

Speaking with Fox Nigeria, a crypto expert, Obani Ebenezer Nwokoma, corroborated Joseph’s warning. He said:

“I will say this once to mostly people using an external auto clicker, that is, the automatic clicker people download from their Playstore store or Apple store that helps them mine: They should minimize the use of it because if what happened in Notcoin should repeat itself, many won’t get anything from it…”

See his tweet below:

Tola Joseph’s Tapswap update stirs reactions

@omojaytee2 said:

“If they don’t want auto-clicking, when then did they add it as a feature on the bot?”

@Dence_7 said:

“Hope you all connected your wallets successfully.

“Because your Daily Tapping is worthless if you didn’t connect it well.”

@10xeddy said:

“Not much information available about this Tapswap folks.

“We await their detailed info before launch.”

@iamdeejayjet said:

“But they demand for more supply. They should also be prepared for higher price for the supplies.”

@Solace__Cute said:

“Auto clicker users will not be penalized cos even Notcoin had it… If it’s wrong then it shouldn’t have been on the platform in the first place…. We bought it with our coins.”

@Princelebura12 said:

“In summary Tapswap don cast.

“It’s exactly what we have been singing all this while.

“Don’t Hope for too much again.

“Start looking for other Airdrop Opportunities.

“Explore others that aren’t Tap to earn Or a Telegram mini app.”

Why some Nigerians won’t earn from Tapswap

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a Nigerian man had shared why some Nigerians won’t earn any money from Tapswap.

Participation in Tapswap mining surged following the success of the recently launched crypto project Notcoin. There is a Tapswap craze in Nigeria as people are looking to profit from the Telegram-based crypto project when it is launched, but Michael claimed some people would mine it in vain.

In a Facebook post, Michael stated that many emergency crypto enthusiasts ventured into Tapswap with little or no experience with crypto wallets or generating wallet addresses.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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