“It’s not”: Crypto expert explains Tapswap’s ‘plan’ for May 30, breaks hearts

  • As Tapswap miners look forward to profiting from their mined Tap tokens on May 30, a crypto expert has explained what could possibly happen on the said date
  • Following the success of Notcoin, the popularity of the crypto project, Tapswap, skyrocketed, especially among Nigerians
  • Obani Ebenezer Nwokoma, a crypto expert, explained what launch pool implies in a chat with Fox Nigeria

A crypto enthusiast, Omobare Daniel, got people on their nerves with his assertion that May 30 is not the date for Tapswap’s listing of Tap tokens.

In a Facebook post, Daniel explained that miners would only receive Tap ‘shares’ and not Tap tokens as May 30 is only for the launch pool.

Crypto expert details Tapswap's real plan for May 30May 30 is Tapswap’s launch pool date.
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While maintaining that one may be able to exchange Tap ‘shares’ for tokens after the launch pool, Daniel noted that there has been no announcement regarding the listing of Tapswap’s tokens.

When can one ‘cash out’ from Tapswap

Daniel stated that one can only profit from Tapswap when listed and urged people to be prepared to prevent disappointment. Explaining the difference between listing and launch pool, he said:

“There is a difference between a Launch Pool and Listing.

“For example, $NOTCOIN was launched on January 1, 2024, and listed on May 16, 2024, which was a four-month gap between launch and listing.

“Ensure you understand the timeline so you don’t get upset if there’s a delay in the listing.”

Crypto expert explains Tapswap launch pool

When quizzed about what would actually happen on May 30, crypto expert Obani Ebenezer Nwokoma said it is the launch pool date.

“It’s not the actual launch date I won’t put much hope on that.”

Explaining the launch pool, Ebenezer told Fox Nigeria:

“It’s like a platform that gives farmers an opportunity to earn more by staking their coins.”

Reactions trail man’s update on Tapswap

Christian Gabriel said:

“Dey there dey talk nonsense.”

Clin Ton said:

“Aw does it work I need the Link.”

Olusola Sam said:

“That’s the basic truth but some pple who don’t understand will be saying sh.it.

“If den no launch this year self wetin una wan do.”

Akpanwealth Abraham said:

” Na another surplus Dead body and fever dey come na this Thursday we just de watch.”

Pastor drops intriguing prophecies on Tapswap, others

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria previously reported that a pastor had released intriguing prophecies on crypto projects Tapswap, Yescoin and Hamster Kombat.

In a Facebook post, the founder of Giants World Ministries urged Nigerians to stop wasting their time mining Tap tokens.

According to Prophet Emmanuel, he does not see Tapswap generating great value. The cleric recalled how he prophesied about the dollar almost exchanging at N2k and how Icecoin would pump and drop. He said Tapswap would also end up like Icecoin and predicted a fall and rise in the crypto market.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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