“Is your husband single?”: Pilot’s reaction to seeing wife captured at airport

  • A pilot’s wife shared her husband’s reaction at the airport in a now-viral TikTok video that was posted
  • In the clip, the pilot, dressed in his signature uniform and carrying his luggage, walked confidently until he saw his wife
  • His demeanour quickly changed as he spotted her, breaking into a smile and altering his course to meet her, clearly showing his excitement at her surprise presence

A pilot’s wife shared a video on TikTok showing her husband’s reaction at the airport.

In the video, the pilot, dressed in his usual uniform and carrying his luggage, walked through the terminal.

Pilot's wife shows his reaction when he sees her at airportPilot reacts on seeing wife. Photo credit: @croimonSource: TikTok

When he saw his wife, his expression changed immediately. He smiled broadly and turned to walk towards her, clearly thrilled to see her there, as shared by @croimon.

Watch the video below:

Fox Nigeria compiled some of the reactions below:

Jau-hara said:

“Is your husband single?”


“Where can I find a pilot’s husband?”


“Is your husband married?”


“Ya Rabb, protect their household.”

Monica Putri:

“Amen, thank you for your prayers.”

Tina 227:

“Is he single?”


“He turns into a self conscious young man, when he sees you.”


“Is he married? Nice smile.”


“Happy wife happy home, more love.”


“Just like my husband.”


“Hello monic.”


“That smile omg I want one to keep too.”


“He’s handsome oh.”


“That smile.”

Becky-wa visa:

“Can I borrow him please??? Just for few days.”


“She’s beautiful, on behalf of Ugandans.”

Knock Knock:

“This trend is so cute. I also want to.”

Young lady becomes pilot after 10 years

Meanwhile, Fox Nigeria earlier reported that a young lady has achieved her lifelong dream of becoming a pilot after years of working towards that goal.

She shared a video of her first flight as Pilot in Command on social media, where she received congratulatory messages from her friends and followers.

In the video, she was seen sitting down on bare floor and smiling as one of her colleagues poured water on her.

In a recent development, Fox Nigeria also reported that a young lady who got married to a pilot has left many in awe after sharing a glimpse of her life afterwards.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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