“I passed the test”: Lady visits boyfriend’s mum, cooks for her and she likes it

  • A Nigerian lady said she paid a visit to her boyfriend’s mother, and the outcome of the trip made her happy
  • She said she had successfully passed the first test set for her after the woman ate the food she cooked and liked it
  • From the video she posted, it appears the lady is already seeing her boyfriend’s mother as her future mother-in-law

A Nigerian lady took time to visit her boyfriend’s house to spend some time with his mother.

The lady has reported back to netizens, telling them how it is going with her boyfriend’s mother.

Lady says her boyfriend's mum liked her cooking.The lady paid a visit to her boyfriend’s mother. Photo credit: TikTok/@they_onlyad.Source: TikTok

According to @they_onlyad, she is so far very happy because she has passed an important test on her way to becoming a wife.

She said she prepared food at her boyfriend’s place, and his mother appreciated her cooking.

This development made the lady happy as she already saw herself as a future wife and a future daughter-in-law.

She shared a video, showing when she was cooking at the local fireplace. Funny reactions have trailed the video after it went viral.

Watch the video below:

Reactions as lady visits her boyfriend’s mother

@vico Vince said:

“You fit sabi cook make the guy follow big nysh go.”

@Kelvdon2022 said:

“Congrats dear. But if nah my own Mama, she go say you be worldly person because of your dressing.”

@verablink3435 said:

“They fit use this particular place drive me for husband house. I don’t know how to cook with firehood. Even to on the fire na war.”

@[email protected] said:

“Hahaha just passing but I have to say something. I just pray he should be yours because me I do pass you.”

@Cbn_seven Holdingz said:

“She might still tell him not to marry you. Don’t too show yourself by going there alwayz except he has seen your parents to avoid heartbreak.”

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In a related story, a Nigerian man has called it quits with his girlfriend because she portrayed a role he did not like in a school drama.

The lady said she took part in her department’s drama staged to mark the Yoruba awareness day in her school.

However, she was given a role which saw her acting as a witch, but this did not go down well with her boyfriend.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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