“Cause of Mohbad’s Death Cannot be Ascertained”: Mohbad’s Family Lawyer, Wahab Shittu, Opens Up

  • The result of the coroner inquest in late Mohabd’s case has been shared by the family lawyer after the case was heard in court
  • In a viral video of the lawyer, Wahab Shittau, he said the cause of the singer’s death cannot be ascertained
  • According to him, the body of singer was already decaying before an autopsy was carried out on him

More facts have emerged on what led to the untimely death of late singer, Ilerioluwa Imole Aloba, professionally known as Mohbad.

Fox Nigeria had reported that Mohbad had died in his prime and many controversies sprang up after his demise.

In the court case which took place on May 15, the result of the test carried out by the pathologist was revealed. In a viral video sighted by Fox Nigeria, the late singer’s family lawyer, Wahab Shittu revealed that the pathologist said the cause of Imole’s death cannot be ascertained.

Laywer opens up on Mohabd.

Laywer opens up on Mohabd. Photo credit @iammohbadSource: Instagram

Lawyer gives reason

In the viral recording, Shittu explained that the pathologist said Imole Aloba’s body was already decaying, so it was difficult to state what actually killed him.

According to Shittu, his death might be as a result of the medication he took.

He however made it known that the pathologist would be questioned at a later date to be sure of what was revealed in court.

Recall that Mohbad’s father had said that he would not bury his son, unless his widow caries out DNA for his grandson.

Below is the video:

How fans reacted to the video

Reactions have trailed the video of what the lawyer said. Here are some of the comments below:


“How is his father gonna continue cashing out like this.. Autopsy wahala is over, can he bury the poor guy now?”


“At this point, Mohbad’s spirit should start work. Crush everybody involved.”


“Autopsy can’t see Ring, People that pai him will not Kn peace..”


“The conspiracy theory behind Mohbad’s death is bigger for an ordinary wife to control. Wunmi doesn’t have that influence.”


“If cause of death can’t be ascertained, then they should go burry him and everyone in the family move on and face their lives.”


“They distracted everyone with DNA now Both DNA and Autopsy nobody go see , the body can’t even do DNA , the father is now very rich and music artist, we can now all move on , so Mr Aloba can continue with his fans.”


“So what is the meaning of autopsy then. If autopsy cannot prove the cause of death. Like I don’t seem to understand this. Omo after 8 months of waiting for result. Are u sure these people are normal?”


“He wasn’t stabbed or poisoned. So pple that accused his Wife, what exactly did they ve on her? “


“Baba Mohbad bury this boy let him rest Allah will fight for him, his spirit will continue giving people that made life miserable for him pressure till they join.”


“Justice was delayed and still Denied this is so unfair, it is well. Everyone should sha learn one or 2 things from this ileri’s matter. Ire oo.”

Mohbad’s dad says he knows who killed his son

Fox Nigeria had reported that Joseph Aloba, father of late Mohbad’s tape, was leaked where he was saying that he knew who killed his son.

The man who is also a singer has had a back-and-forth with his daughter-in-law over the death of his son

In the tape, he gave some conditions before he can reveal the identity of the people who killed his son.

Source: Fox Nigeria

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