Bishops and Imams Offer Prayers for Abba Kyari

The Nigerian Cleric Council of Bishops and Imams, NCCBI, recently held a special prayer session for Abba Kyari, the former head of the Intelligent Response Team, IRT, in Abuja. This prayer gathering, conducted at the Unity Fountain, aimed to offer prayers for peace in the country, particularly in light of the challenging security situation. The group emphasized the importance of supporting the current leadership in Nigeria.Bishop Lawrence Ngene, President of NCCBI, expressed their unity as concerned citizens, sharing the pain felt by many due to the country’s challenges. He highlighted the darkness and loss of innocent lives, urging for unity and prayer for a brighter future.Abba Kyari’s current situation was also discussed, with a reminder of his detention despite bail. The allegations against him, including failing to declare assets and involvement in drug trafficking, were acknowledged.The bishops and imams lamented the loss of innocent lives to various criminal activities across Nigeria, expressing concern over rising insecurity, corruption, and economic hardship. They voiced the disappointment felt by many Nigerians towards the justice system and government representatives.Their prayers extended beyond Abba Kyari to a call for urgent action from President Ahmed Bola Tinubu, the National Assembly, the judiciary, and security agencies. They emphasized the need for immediate intervention to address the alarming insecurity in the country. The group acknowledged Kyari’s past successes in combating crime and expressed hope for his return to contribute positively to Nigeria’s security.In closing, the bishops and imams prayed for God’s guidance for Nigeria’s leadership, advocating for good governance and leadership to alleviate the pains and fears faced by citizens. They called for unity, faith, and action to bring about positive change for the nation.

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